Reviews and Testimonials

We have 3 “yard” sheds in our back yard...I decided to find someone that could do a good job painting flowers and plants and maybe “spice the sheds up a bit”...I outlined to Shallyn what I wanted to accomplish and she indicated that she felt she could do what she felt I wanted but she would need to look at yard setting to get a feel for what would look good...We agreed on a price and I let her go ahead. A week or so later we had three sheds with the fronts covered in vividly colored flowers, vines, and a couple of birds. Our sheds went from being just nice looking sheds, in a large yard to becoming the “focal points” of the yard. We have yet to have anyone in yard that doesn’t ask and comment on the sheds. Everyone is impressed.

Since this first project we have had Shallyn do two more projects for us, a small inside project, Ivy around a kitchen doorway, and just finished, an outdoor scene on our garage door which has done wonders for the looks of our garage door. A number of the people in the neighborhood have stopped by and complimented us on the new look of the door and asked for the number of the person that did the work… which tends to make us feel pretty smug!

To say we are thoroughly happy with Shallyn's work would be a serious understatement. Shallyn has the ability (at least in our case) to capture the essence of what we wanted and transform it into a visual delight.
- Vernon G. 

I described a painting that I wanted of an ocean view with a lighthouse not only did Shallyn paint what I was looking for but far exceed my expectations. Shallyn also painted a portrait of my grandchildren from a photo and again it was exactly what I wanted.
- Ted Smith 

I asked Shallyn Blair to draw a portrait of each of my step children, for their Father’s birthday present. The party was a surprise and therefore, the present needed to be extra special. She had never seen the children, I simply took a picture of them up close and gave them to her to use for reference. I remember my reaction clearly, when she finished them…..tears welled in my eyes, not only did she capture their appearance but their personality as well…..beautiful work to say the least. I knew that the children’s father would have the same reaction. Shallyn’s work helped to make a very special occasion, even more extraordinary. Also, Shallyn finished the portraits before I needed them and had them framed, which helped to relieve some pressure and was great appreciated! Thank you again!

Shallyn is clearly very talented and I hope to use her again in the near future. I would recommend her for any artistic project you need.
- Erin Copple 

I had the privilege of having Shallyn work on a wall in my kitchen dinning area. She did an amazing job. I felt like I had a secret garden in my house to enjoy everyday. She has such an eye for details. Shallyn really did exceed my expectations. My guests are always in AAH when they walk into that room.
- Collette Laux 

Shallyn was a delight to work with, and the wall that she did for me exceeded anything I could have imagined.... her artwork was the 'conversation piece' of my home...... just beautiful!
- Debbie Putrino