Images Of Shallyn

About the artist, Shallyn Blair

As far back as I can remember I was always drawing on any piece of scratch paper I could find around the house. As much as this probably annoyed my parents, they always encouraged me to do something with my passion for art. When I turned 18, a family friend invited me over and asked if I would paint a mural on their kitchen wall of a garden. I had never attempted a large scale painting before, but 8 hours later I had created something that would start a new beginning to my career. Word of mouth spread, and soon I was painting murals for friends and family, and friends of friends. I only wish I took more pictures of my paintings from the past to share with you on this website.

While I was attending high school at Nevada Union the year of 1999, I was accepted to attend the California Institute of the Arts summer program focusing in animation. This was a huge honor as the school could only choose 50 students for this course from applicants nationwide. I received recognition by the mayor and council of the city of Grass Valley. Sometime later while still in high school one of my paintings was chosen to be displayed at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento CA. I have spent most all of my life living in northern California. I love the outdoors, my family, and pets.
- Shallyn